NaNoWriMo 2010 Report: Week 2

Sunday, November 14, 2010

nanowrimo_participant_09_120x240The statistics at the two-week milestone (and nearly halfway point) include:

  • Total word count: 24,056 (right on target, and just a few words short of my personal best for the second week)
  • Average daily word count for the week: 1,511 (a bit below target due to almost no progress as expected on Tuesday through Thursday)
  • Although I still plan to structure the overall novel as a series of vignettes, large sections of this week’s work have been sequential chunks.
  • I still have only the vague notion of the overall plot—and almost none at all about the main antagonist.
  • Even if this turns out to be the (fictional) biographical study of a superhero, it’s going to need something climatic at the end. I don’t think either a “He lived happily ever after.” or  “He died quietly in his sleep.” is quite going to work.

Here’s hoping that it all starts to come together in Week Three!