NaNoWriMo 2010 Report: Week 3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

nanowrimo_participant_08_120x240The statistics at the two-week milestone (and nearly halfway point) include:

  • Total word count: 36,638 (nicely pacing just ahead of target)
  • Average daily word count for the week: 1,797 (just under my aspirational goal of 1,800, chiefly due to an underproductive day on Thursday)
  • This week again there have been large sections written as sequential chunks.
  • I’m still struggling with a plot . . . I think. And a main antagonist has not yet reared its villainous head, but I think I’m starting to arrive at a concept for one.
  • Two important breakthroughs this week:
    • I have a final scene. (It came to me just minutes before I wrote this.) It provides exactly the kind of ending I wanted. It isn't the conclusion of the plot, though, so that's still an issue.
    • I understand the theme of this book now. I suspect I knew what it was all along, but had not recognized it at a conscious level. I'm not going to reveal it here, but will say that involves a societal issue that has long bothered me.

I have a handful of scenes in mind to write next week, but I have a feeling that Week Four is going to be a challenging one nonetheless. And this is definitely not a book that will be complete in 50,000 words.