NaNoWriMo 2010 Report: Week 1

Sunday, November 07, 2010

nanowrimo_04_120x240And we’re off! At the one week mark, my statistics look like this:

  • Total word count: 13,479 (Looking back, that’s a new personal best for Week 1)
  • I have a (working) title: Heroic Measures.
  • I have several characters who are actually doing things, or starting to do things.
  • Average daily word count for the week: 1,926

Although the “voice” of this novel is similar to other things I’ve written before, it is the first time that I have deliberately set things up to not be in sequence. The story is constructed as a series of vignettes in the main character’s history.

I anticipate my progress being zero (or close enough as not to matter) from Tuesday through Thursday due to work-related commitments, so my statistics next week are likely to look kind of wonky in comparison to usual. However, but plan to go into the week with a two-day buffer, so hopefully that will help.