WorldCon 2011 Report: Day One – Arrival

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
renovation-banner-follow-greenI got a slightly later start than I had expected, as we'll as hitting some heavy traffic just outside Reno due to what looked like a serious accident (two fire trucks and at least two Highway Patrol cars), so I didn't get here until a little after 2:30pm.

As a result, I missed the Cory Doctorow reading I was hoping to see at 2:00pm. I got all registered, though, and discovered that the WiFi coverage is spotty (if not completely unavailable) in some of the more distant session rooms. This is hardly a significant inconvenience; it just delays being able to on-the-spot updates outside of Twitter.

I did attend the Dr. Demento session at 5:00pm. (Did you know that he now hosts the program on the web?!) We won't discuss the average age group of the folks attending that session, but a good time was definitely had by all. I look forward to dropping in on the 3-hour block on humorous science fiction music. (Dropping innot staying for the entire session.)