Script Frenzy 2011 Report: Fading to Gray

Sunday, May 01, 2011


30 days, 110 pages.

As you might surmise from the page count, the muse woke up yesterday and decided to spout out a generous number of pages. (It was also due to me holding back on writing the climatic scene for a day when I was completely blocked, but I had never had to resort to that, so it came out last night.)

While Script Frenzy is finished (and successfully won), the script itself is not. While I sincerely doubt it will have the length of the series pilot turned mini-series that my 2008 effort became, it still has several more pages to go. If I had to hazard a guess at this point, I’d say that the completed first draft will finish out at around 130 pages.

I’ll probably come back and finish it off during the next two weeks, as I dislike leaving these sorts of the things unfinished. (Completing first drafts I’m good at; after that, not so much.) I might or might not post those additional scenes as they’re written. We’ll see.

Until then . . .