NaNoWriMo 2010 Report: Week 4

Sunday, November 28, 2010

nanowrimo_participant_07_120x240With four weeks behind me, and only two days left to go, here are my current statistics:

  • Total word count: 52,941 (well ahead of target, and actually completed, if you want to get technical about it)
  • Average daily word count for the week: 2,329 (a new personal best of any week for any year that I’ve participated)
  • Nearly all of the sections written this week were large sequential chunks. There are a few “stragglers”, but chiefly in places where there needs to be some kind of transition between the opening and the main event of the sequence.
  • I am still struggling to find an overarching plot. Most of these week was spent on (probably overly) exploring vignettes involving personal life events, so any plot itself has not moved along much. I do have a general idea for the climatic battle scene now, but need to flesh it out more.

For the remaining two days, I will probably strive to hit my personal goal of 1,800 words each day and then call it in sometime Tuesday night.

Until then . . .

  1. Read your last entry for Heroic Measures - thanks for taking my advice and cutting paragraphs. :) Clara's death scene was poignant and also made me cry. I want to read the whole thing from start to finish, without jumping back and forth.