And Another Hero Flies Off Into The Sunset . . .

Saturday, December 01, 2012


Last night, at 12:00am PST, the game servers for City of Heroes were shut down—most likely permanently.

We had known this for some time, and I’ve mentioned it here before, but it is still a sad and unfortunate thing.

Although I have not played the game regularly for some time, it was also a safe refuge when I need some escapism or suffered from insomnia. (You’d be surprised at many teams are still to be had at 2am!)

We had a good run, though. I think I would feel far worse had not so many stories and friends come out of it. That is, for me, perhaps the greatest loss behind NCSoft’s (to me, at least) very questionable business decision to shut the game down. I won’t speculate here as to their reasoning, as I don’t have all the facts, but I don’t agree with it on several levels.

To all the friends I met out there, both heroes and villains alike, keep to the skies and fight the good fight!

And we may we all get a chance to meet again.