NaNoWriMo 2012 Report: Week 3

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Participant-73x73Current word count: 44,490
Average words per day: 2,060

Not quite as strong a performance as last week, but still well above all previous years at this point. Although my average number of words per day was down slightly, my daily word count was more consistent—and still well above my personal goal of 1,800 words.

The characters are doing some very interesting things. So far, there’s only one that appears to suffer from my typical issue of possibly being a little “too good”. The rest of them of showing some nice human flaws.

I’m still not entirely sure where the story is going just yet. There’s a key, probably pivotal, event coming up that I think will bring all of that into alignment. We’ll know for sure by this time next week . . . I hope!

The tone of the book can’t quite decide what it wants to be yet. There are times when it feels like a Heinlein juvenile, times when it feels like latter Heinlein (e.g. Friday), and others when it feels like something else entirely—not quite like The Legacy of Heorot, but something else entirely.

I suspect I should be able to report that I reached the 50,000-word mark some day early next week. At this point, reaching that goal requires me to write barely more words each day than I typically do during the rest of the year.

Well, back to it . . .

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