NaNoWriMo 2011 Report: Week 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neutral_100_100_whiteCurrent word count: 26,846
Average words per day: 1,951

The second week went pretty well, with daily word counts being consistently over target (except for the one day that I knew that I was going to be short because of previous social commitment).

Surprisingly, the story has continued to develop sequentially from the start. I’m not expecting that to continue through Week Three, as many of the scenes I have in mind take place further ahead in the story.

I passed the halfway point on Sunday, ending the day with 25,165 words. This is a new record for me—by 145 words. (2007 was the only other year that I passed the halfway mark before November 15th.)

Once again this year, I have the final scenes of the story already in mind. If I get crunched for word count some night, I might write those out, but won’t post them to the blog until after the last day as to not ruin the ending by publishing it out of sequence.

Back to the keyboard now . . .

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