WorldCon 2011 Report: Day Three – Reading: Lisa Goldstein

Friday, August 19, 2011
"A Mask for the General" is one of my all-time favorite novels. I first heard about Lisa Goldstein back in the late 1980's and heard her interviewed on "Hour 25". That prompted me to read "A Mask for the General" and "The Red Magician", as well as watch for her work in the magazines.

A small, but illustrious, group attended this reading. Included in the group (front row) were Cory Doctorow and Dean Wesley Smith. Quite a show of support for Ms. Goldstein, I would say.

She read from her latest book, "The Uncertain Places". It was wonderful (both the story and hearing her read it).

She has quiet, self-deprecating manner that I can *so* associate with. I remember that from that interview I heard way back when. It's also probably why I go and seek out her work.

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