Did I Miss a Memo?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apparently it was “Behave Like a Jerk” Day and no one told me?

On my way to the local farmer’s market this morning, in less than a ten-minute span, these two incidents happened:

  • A man gesticulated at me significantly (you can imagine which gestures I’m certain) because he rolled through a stop sign behind another car—without slowing—and I nearly pulled out into his path. Silly me for stopping at my own sign and thinking that he would do the same at his.
  • A woman driving a large pickup truck honked at me to get out of her way as I pulled into a parking space because she wanted to drive forward from the spot she had just pulled into in front of me so she could leave more conveniently. I know we are taught to drive defensively, but park defensively?

Is it me, or have some people lost all sense of perspective and courtesy?