Monday, August 16, 2010

I once had an instructor at the community college I attended tell me that I was very good at “synthesis”—bringing different things together into a cohesive whole. I find the same to be true of my writing: I believe my best work—certainly my best character interactions—come from the ideas and suggestions of others.

I recognize that most of my characters, particularly many of the main ones, tend to be internally focused. (What a surprise…) Their weaknesses and conflicts are usually confronted more within their minds and thoughts than through their actions and dialogue. For most readers, a little of that can go a very long way.

I am fortunate to associate with people who carry other perspectives, who can imagine characters who are more “out there” in terms of personality and character flaws. Through them, I believe my stories have become more interesting and provided opportunities for character interaction and insight that I do not think I would have achieved alone.

While my Myers-Briggs personality type might be adept at providing all of the information one might desire about the “box”, I consider myself privileged to have friends who are capable and eager to look outside it.