And What Have I Been Up To?

Sunday, March 01, 2009
What I'm Reading Now: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

I have enjoyed Octavia Butler's stories for many, many years. I was very disappointed to hear about her death almost exactly two years ago, knowing that there would be no more stories from this wonderful author. She has a writing voice unlike any other I can recall--simple, direct, and yet incredibly evocative.

I have owned this book for a few years now, but had not placed it at the top of my "To Read" list until now. By happy coincidence, my son is reading it for school. Of course, I'm enjoying the pleasure of that far more than he is.

What I'm Listening to Now: Chapterhouse Dune by Frank Herbert

Yes, I'm listening my way through the entire original Dune series, much like when I read through them all with a co-worker five or six years ago. (Has it been that long?)

When this first book was first released in print, one of my college apartment-mates and I rushed directly from our classes to the Crown Books just around the corner from the apartment we rented. I remember him being seriously annoyed because he was working in the Chemistry lab storeroom that night and I would get a headstart.