Script Frenzy 2008 Report: Week 3

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
I'm pleased to report that I'm pretty much on schedule.

As of last night, I'm at 70 pages—dead-on where I should be at this point. I suspect, however, that this week is going to be very tough going . . .

The story has taken some interesting turns, but still remains very true to the original Emerald Flight story and concept. I'm also feeling a little smug that I figured out how to write my way out of a corner that I had accidentally written myself into the first week.

Not a whole lot more to report this week, other than relieved that I was able to catch up after losing several days last week. I already know that I'll need to be some restructuring, resequencing of a few events, and a handful of other edits before I'll let anyone's eyes but my own see this.